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Subscriptions and On Demand viewing are the future of TV. Netflix, LightBox And Neon are already here. Amazon PrimeTV is on its way and rumoured to be making a play for the All Blacks viewing rights and Disney & ESPN are launching their own streaming platforms within the next two years. Here at JDK we have prepared your transition into this new Digital World with our Digital Media Devices / Streaming TV Boxes built to handle all your online subscription and streaming requirements.

Easy To Use

It's as simple as power on, connect to your TV and internet and you are ready to go. It really is that easy.

Works on any TV

Connects to any TV via an HDMI port or RCA connectors (White, Red & Yellow cables).

Every app on your TV

Your TV becomes a giant computer with access to every app with a direct link to the Google Play Store right at your fingertips.

Regular Updates

Never have to worry about updating a thing as all updates are managed in the background and pushed OTA (over the air) direct to your device.

Retro Gaming

Relive your youth or educate the young ones and take advantage of the back catalogue of old favourites from the Arcade and the early days of Sega & Nintendo.

Peace of mind

We offer a full no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee on our TV Boxes. Couple this with our 1 year warranty and you have complete peace of mind when making a purchase.

Part Pay NZ

As well as the traditional online payment methods of credit/debit cards and paypal, we have also teamed up with Part Pay NZ to offer a new and innovative payment method. Find out how Part Pay NZ works

Unlock your TV Box with a VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides a secure environment for everyday web use. All of your on-line data pass through an encrypted tunnel. A VPN can also help you access Geo-blocked content that may not have been available before due to your location.

The world of digital media is an ever changing one. The amount of technology available at your fingertips is mind blowing, but are you taking advantage of all that is on offer?

As Broadband speeds improve they open up a whole new world, a digital world. At Just Digital Konnections, we aim to help you to Konnect to this Digital World, in particular the world of Digital Entertainment. By Konnecting one of our state of the art Tv Boxes, we are 100% confident that it will change the way you Watch TV, Movies and Sport as well as the way you listen to Music and Play Games. We aim to basically overhaul all aspects of your current entertainment experiences and Konnect you with this new and exciting world.

Whether it be a top of the line Octa core 4k High definition Android Tv Box, or high quality after-market wireless keyboards and remotes that will enhance your streaming experience, you can be sure that JDK has done the research and has these available for you. The huge interest in the Retro gaming hasn’t been overlooked as we stock an ever expanding range of quality Bluetooth gaming controllers that will have you turning back the clock playing the back catalogues of Sega, Nintendo, and all your old arcade favourites in no time.

Just like any vehicle, you need something to drive it, and so after hundreds of hours of research, we knew what we wanted and more importantly what we needed to deliver to make the user experience as simple, familiar and comfortable as possible. With that in mind we set about employing the services of a developer who would create our vision. Who would create our very own JDK Media Centre app (JDKMC).

The JDK app provides the portal into this Digital World you are about to jump into. Take advantage of the multitude of apps and 3rd party add-ons available to stream content via the internet through our JDK app. This can include movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports and games. It can literally provide limitless entertainment. The JDKMC allows you to access every single app that is available on the Google Play Store. It has a built in web browser so you can surf the web, check your Facebook and emails or Skype friends and family overseas. Anything you can do on your mobile device or computer, you can now do on your TV. The massive growth in Retro gaming is a huge part of JDKMC. You can access a multitude of games from Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 to Sega as well as old Arcade classics as part of our JDKMC app. It is proving so popular that we are already working with our developer to deliver even more content in the very near future. The JDKMC is a true one stop Digital Media Centre.

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  • JDK 535.1 TV Box
  • Upgraded MX3 Remote
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Instruction Guide

Ready to unleash the power of your TV??

Our Android TV box will transform your TV and open a world of possibilities! The Smartest TV ever in your house.

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